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Petition to Address Lighting in Tullamore LEA

Violence against women is only increasing. Unfortunately, the harrowing impact of violence against women on the family, friends, community, and landscape is something we know all too well in Tullamore.

Women in Tullamore, Clara, and elsewhere do not feel safe. A recent survey of over 200 people by Sinn Féin's Aoife Masterson shows that the current lighting is having a negative impact on residents and businesses in Tullamore LEA.

The survey found that 93% of respondents were not happy with lighting in their area. A further 72% reported feeling less safe as a result of the lighting, while 60% said the lighting means they will not walk on their own in the evenings. A shocking 45% of respondents have even changed their social or exercise plans as a consequence.

The survey makes clear what we already know - the lighting across Tullamore LEA is not fit for purpose. It is not sufficient, safe, or reliable.

Offaly County Council recently sought tenders for the repair and maintenance of existing public lights and associated services. This 12 month contract has an estimated value of €1.5 million.However, it is clear that the issues in Tullamore LEA go far beyond repair and maintenance of existing public lighting as associated services. Offaly County Council must also consider the quantity, quality and location of lighting across Tullamore LEA.  Please sign this petition calling on Offaly County Council listen to the concerns of the residents and businesses in the area and take all steps necessary to ensure we have sufficient, safe, and reliable public lighting across Tullamore LEA.

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